Islamic Finance with Gold Dinar
Covers key principles of the Gold Dinar based
Islamic financial system, contrasted with the
shortcomings of the traditional model.​​​
| Online - In-Person instruction | Created by Asif Shiraz
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Muhammad Asif Shiraz is a veteran activist of the Gold Dinar Movement, and author of the celebrated Urdu book, "Islami Talai Dinaar" (Islamic Gold Dinar). Mr. Shiraz is found of Dinar Wakala LLC, a Texas based company that pioneered distribution of the Islamic Gold Dinar in the Americas. He has extensive research in Conventional Islamic Finance, and studied the Fiqh-ul-Muamalat under the tutelage of Sheikh Umar Ibrahim Vadillo. Mr. Shiraz is currently also a student of Dars-e-Nizami, and received religious education from masters in the Shadhili Darqawi, Sarwari Qadiri and Naqshbandi Mujaddadi traditions.

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Course Description

"If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck", said James Riley, an American writer.

In the same vein, modern Islamic finance operates so indistinguishably similar to its conventional counterpart that casts doubt on the veracity of its Sharia-Compliance. This course squarely addresses this elephant in the room: The gaps and misapplication of Islamic principles in current Islamic financial sector.

To this end, while we similarly equip our students with the fundamental concepts and understanding of Islamic finance principles, we go a step ahead by educating them on how to apply this knowledge towards an independent, empirical evaluation of the current state of the industry. And imparting them with the confidence and competence to constructively transform the future direction of Islamic Finance institutions.

Join this exciting journey of learning the pristine teachings of Islamic Mualamat and how they relate timelessly to our present economic situation. Students will cover the fundamental principles of economics and finance, the Sharia principles that relate to them, with particular emphasis on the monetary and banking system. We will cover topics of traditional Islamic Finance and where they fall short of relevancy and accuracy. We also discuss the central position of the Islamic Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham in the financial system, and deep dive into the true meaning and implications of the various injunctions dealing with Riba and Islamic Contracts.

This course can be considered a companion course to the Urdu Book, "Islami Talai Dinaar", also written by the instructor.

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Schedule: 27 Sept - 29 Nov 2020 (Tentative)
Medium of Instruction: English
Delivery Format: Webex Meeting ever Sunday 11:00 am CT


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Course Contents

  1. Principles of Islamic Muamalat
  2. Intoduction to Basic Economics - Keynes, Mises and More
  3. Fundamentals and Nuances of Riba
  4. Contemporary Currency and Monetary System
  5. Islamic Principles of Currency and Sound Money
  6. Contemporary Banking and Financial System
  7. Islamic Principles of Wahdiya and Gold Dinar
  8. Islamic Banking - Critique of Contracts and Structures

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