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Dinar Wakala LLC is a Texas company, offering the Dinar and Dirhams for the fist time in the United States.

We have the honor of being the 1st producers of the Islamic Gold Dinar and Silver Dirhams - bullion medallions that comform in weight and measure to the coins historically used in the Middle East and Islamic Empires.

Dinar Wakala is a strong supporter of the sound money movement, and is workingly closely with the American Open Currency Standard (AOCS), which is a local American initiative to restore and promote sound money in the United States. AOCS has produced custom medallions honoring other sound money advocates, including Congressman Ron Paul and the Ludwig Von Mises institute of Austrian Economics. Our partnership with both WIM and AOCS opens the way towards international trade.

Dinar Wakala was founded by two ardent sound money advocates, Muhammad Asif Shiraz and Amir Ismail Bryant. To learn more about our team, or to contact us, please visit our Team page.

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