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Asif Shiraz

Dinar Wakala was founded by a long time Dinar activist, Muhammad Asif Shiraz.

Introduced to the idea of the gold dinar by the popular television series by Zaid Hamid, Asif left volunteering for BrassTacks to found his own initiative focused exlcusively on reviving the Gold Dinar in Pakistan, called EGold Pvt. Ltd. Initially it focused only on reselling e-Dinar's coin in Pakistan, but now distributes the WIM certified Dinar Wakala medallions.

Asif has also worked on developing alliances with the revert Muslim community of United States to introduce Dinar and Dirhams in the U.S. In collaboration with Amir Ismail Bryant, a student of Shaykh Abdulqadir As-Sufi (alongside Umar Vadillo), he launched Dinar Wakala LLC, the first producer of the Silver Dirhams and Gold Dinars in America.

He has been working actively for the last four years to create awareness and educate people about the need for reviving this Sunnah. In 2010, he produced a 1.25 hour documentary video on the movement.

More recently, he has authored the first Urdu language book on the subject, aimed at educating the people of Pakitan about the Fiqh, Economic and Historical importance of the Dinar. To learn more, please visit the book page Islami Sonehri Dinar.

Realizing that true macro-economic shift towards the gold dinar would only be possible through government sponsorship, Asif joined Imran Khan's Tehreek-e-Insaf and is currently part of the Insaf Research Wing's Economics Committee. In 2010, he also developed a proposal for Tehreek-e-Insaf to adopt the the Dinar. He has also been instrumental in establishing the Austin Chapter of PTI, and supported grassroots political participation and awareness.

Asif is a Software Engineer by profession, and his primary research interests include smart-card baed payment processing systems, with a view to bringing this technology to the Dinar market.

Although he is bayt to Sultan Noor Muhammad in the Sarwari Qadiri Silsilah of Sultan Bahu, Umar Ibrahim Vadillo has honorarily included him in the Shadhili Darqawi chain of the Murabitun.

Asif Shiraz hails from Rawalpindi, Pakistan and currently lives with his family in Austin, Texas. He can be reached at