Dinar Wakala Pakistan

Dinar Wakala Pakistan was launched in 2009 by Asif Shiraz, a long time Dinar Activist. It was originally registered as EGold (Pvt.) Ltd with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Additionally, its sister organization, Dinar Wakala LLC (USA) was launched in North America to serve the U.S. Muslim community.

Dinar Wakala holds the singular distinction of being the first organization in Pakistan to sell Dinar and Dirham coins. EGold (Pvt) Ltd. started by importing from the Malaysian e-dinar company.

Subsequently, Dinar Wakala USA, in collaboration with a US Revert Muslim and Community Leader, Amir Ismail Bryant, itself obtained WIM Certification for its medallions produced in the USA. We have the honor of being the first manufacturer, and thus, the formal introducer of the Gold Dinar in the North American continent.

Dinar Wakala is also workingly with the American Open Currency Standard (AOCS), which is a local American initiative to restore and promote sound money in the United States. AOCS has produced custom medallions honoring other sound money advocates, including Congressman Ron Paul and the Ludwig Von Mises institute of Austrian Economics. Our partnership with both WIM and AOCS opens the way towards international trade.

Dinar Wakala is also working on multiple other initiatives, including the development of the Wakala Program as an Islamic alternative to the current banking system. And a Dinar Debit card for a completely independent payment clearing eco-system denominated in Dinar and Dirhams and operated fully in compliance with the Shariah.

We are always looking for talanted and committed people to join our team and promote the Islamic economic system. To learn more about how you can support this system and be part of our team, please contact us at info@dinarwakala.com

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