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Malcolm X Commemorative 10 Dirham

Gold 1 Dinar

Partnership Opportunity - Islamic Qirad

Dinar Wakala is extending an opportunity to the larger public to join it in partnership, on a profit and loss sharing basis, to produce, promote and sell the Islamic Dinars and Dirhams. In so doing, the public gets an opportunity to both be monetarily rewarded, as well contributing in reviving the true, Riba-free, Islamic financial system.

The contract will work as follows:
  1. The investor will sign up by contributing any sum of money greater than $100, to be used towards production of Dinar and Dirham coins.
  2. When adequate amount of money has been accumulated, Dinar Wakala will use that money to negotiate the best deal possible with a third-party minting service, and have the coins made.
  3. Dinar Wakala will then use its own and partner website's sales channels to market and sell the coins, typically at a profit margin of around 20%.
  4. In proportion to the share of each investor's contribution, profit will be shared between the investor and Dinar Wakala in a ratio of 60:40 i.e. 60% of revenue to the original investor, and 40% to Dinar Wakala.
  5. The investor will have the choice of withdrawing its share at any point in time. a) If its before the coin production, the original money will be returned. b) If its after the coin production, then investor can choose to be returned all or some of the coins produced with 10% premium per coin. (This is to prevent abuse of the offering by people not reall wanting to invest, but only to use the mechanism for obtaining coins at cost price for their own use). c) If sold, then the sale revenue will be shared as described.
To get started, please use the PayPal link below to make an investment, or physicall mail a check or money order to this address provided.
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Dinar Wakala
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Please direct any questions or further clarifications to: info@dinarwakala.com

Example Scenario
Note that the example uses illustrative cost and sale prices, which may differ from actual. Also note that example calculation below does not include money transfer fees (e.g. paypal) and shipping costs for withdrawn coins.
  1. Customer A investors $500 in March 2016.
  2. Pooled money is used to produce Malcolm X Commemorative 10 Dirhams, at $25 per coin, for quantity 100
  3. Customer A owns 20 of these coins. Customer A requests to withdraw 2 immediately for his own collection, by paying 10% extra premium i.e. $5 dollars. This lowers the remaining investment to $450 (i.e. 18 coins).
  4. Dinar Wakala sells these 18 coins at a 25% margin for $32.5, with gross revenue of $585.
  5. Gross profit is calculated as (Revenue - Cost of Goods) = 585 - 450 = 135
  6. Out of this 135, 60% belongs to the investor, i.e. $81. Investor is thus returned original investoment plus profit i.e. $450 + $94.5 = $531.
  7. Thus, in exchange for spending $505 dollars ($500 originally invested, and $5 premium paid for early withdrawal of two coins), the investor has thus earned $531 + plus 10 Dirhams.